The "4 + 1" Schedule

Our residency program decided to adapt to the 4+1 schedule for the 2019-2020 academic year. A 4+1 schedule means that our residents have a four-week rotation block (that you won’t leave for continuity clinic), followed by one week of exclusively ambulatory training. This pattern is repeated back-to-back 10 times throughout the entire year.  Another benefit of the 4+1 schedule is that you won’t be rushing to get to afternoon clinic! This means that your inpatient team won't be leaving and signing out to each other, leaving someone to cross cover all afternoon.  Your schedule will be much more consistent and improve the equality between inpatient and outpatient responsibilities.


Overall, the 4+1 schedule improves your educational experience, patient care, continuity with your clinic patients and guarantees that, at a minimum, every 5th week your evenings and weekends are yours!


  • 12 weeks IM/wards

  • 8 weeks ICU

  • 8 weeks night float

  • 4 weeks ED

  • 4 weeks Cardiology

  • 4 weeks Anesthesia/Radiology (during which a 2 week vacation will be taken

  • 10 weeks ambulatory clinic

PGY- 2

  • 8 weeks IM/wards

  • 4 weeks ICU

  • 4 weeks night float

  • 4 weeks ARMS (admitting resident medicine services, Mon-Fri 6am-4pm)

  • 20 weeks electives - mandatory electives include Gastroenterology, Hematology/Oncology, Neurology, Nephrology

  • 10 weeks ambulatory clinic

PGY- 3

  • 8 weeks IM/wards

  • 4 weeks ICU

  • 4 weeks house call night float

  • 4 weeks swing (admitting service Mon-Fri 4pm-midnight)

  • 4 weeks Transitions of Care (at Baton Rouge General, Mid City campus)

  • 16 weeks electives

  • 10 weeks ambulatory clinic