Our Internal Medicine Residency Program offers an opportunity to learn and understand how to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases that affect adults. Balancing the art of doctor-patient relationship and the latest science and technology, our residents become providers of comprehensive, continuous and accessible medical care to all patients. 

Our program is committed to providing exceptional medical education for students, residents and other health professionals. The program is characterized by an atmosphere of teamwork, active decision making, innovation and scholarly inquiry.

At Baton Rouge General, you will discover a diverse learning experience that provides an up-close, comprehensive view of healthcare in every phase- from diagnosis to treatment to maintenance of patient's well-being. 

At Baton Rouge General, skills are developed which equip graduates for a lifetime of learning, professional advancement, and excellent patient outcomes. 

In keeping with Baton Rouge General's mission of improving lives and strengthening our community by providing exceptional healthcare, our program strives to cultivate highly skilled physicians and encourage them to remain in Louisiana beyond residency to deliver exceptional healthcare to the people of our state.